Getting to know our CTO!


Dragging our CTO, Chris Moseley, away from his code for a few minutes was no easy task but it was worth it! Chris has answered some of our killer questions so that you can find out more about his career path and what he loves about e-days.


1. How long have you worked for e-days?

I’ve been working with e-days for 14 years. I was here when the very first e-days client came on board and I’ve seen it grow from a simple calendar to the UK's leading absence management system

2. Tell us a bit about your background before e-days

I’ve always been a geek/nerd/techie so I gravitated towards Science, Maths and Computing at college and university. For as long as I’ve been interested in tech, I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of ubiquitous computing and AI (smart everything!) and I knew for that to work, at the centre of it would be the Internet. That’s why I chose to join an Internet software company when I graduated, so I could be a part of it.

3. What does a normal day look like for you?

A normal day consists of coffee, a scrum with the Dev team and a catch up with the IT team. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to get my hands dirty and write some code or work on a new feature for e-days but often I can be found strategising about potential new technology we can adopt, forming relationships with technology and commercial partners, and making sure e-days is as secure and bulletproof as it can be. Then it’s probably a bit more coffee. Unless someone has brought in cake… then it’s cake and coffee.

4. How would you describe yourself in 3 words? 

Enthusiastic, Empathetic and usually hungry.

5. Why do you think e-days software is special?

I believe it’s our wealth of experience and expertise in the domain of absence management that makes e-days so powerful. We’ve been making absence management tools for 14 years and we’ve used everything we’ve learnt over those years and poured it into making the best absence management application on the market.

6. What things are in the pipeline for e-days over the next 12 months?

Expansion into the wider HR toolkit - we’ve gone pretty deep into absence management and we need to stay awesome at that but now we’re also lucky enough to be in a position to start exploring new and exciting developments in other areas of HR.

7. What do you look for in new people coming to work in your team at e-days?

Enthusiasm, drive, positivity, a genuine interest in the application and technology, a friendly attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit.

8. What do you love about working for e-days?

The people, the possibilities, the product and our awesome city centre office

9. How would you describe the e-days culture? 

Friendly, supportive, honest, effective and excited!

10. How do you see AI impacting HR tech in the next few years?

I’m still convinced that in time AI will influence almost everything we do, not least HR. In the short term, wherever there are vast quantities or data involved, like in HR systems, AI can play a huge positive role. Imagine a time where e-days can tell you how likely it is for a particular portion of employees to be absent on any given day, based on what else is going on in the world. Or spotting patterns in absence that help identify staff that might be unhappy at work, allowing the situation to be addressed before it even becomes a problem. Endless possibilities.

11. E-days are really proud of their home in Nottingham. What are some of the things that are special about the city? 

Smack bang in the centre of England. More bars per square mile than any other city in the UK outside of London. Some amazing restaurants and a fascinating history. A bustling student population keeps things lively and there’s some great investment being poured in to redevelopment and arts.

12. What words of advice would you offer someone looking to start their career in Software development?

Go for it! I’ve been doing it for 14 years and I’m never bored. In my opinion it’s one of the few careers where you can be both tech focused AND creative. A program that you write is your program and once you understand the building blocks you can make it into anything you want in a place that’s not constrained by physical boundaries. I firmly believe that computing and technology isn’t going anywhere and the core fundamental skills you develop as a software developer will be applicable and useful for a lifetime.

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